The exact structure that the group is also adaptable, particularly in the midfield FUT 23 Coins. There are various variations of the formation that include 2 defensive midfielders (CDM) or two central midfielders (CM) and one offensive player (CAM) as well as other possibilities. So there's plenty of room to choose a formation that's right for your specific style of play and the available squad.

For beginners, this is a good opportunity to gain some experience within the FUT meta that has a lot in common with the real game.

On the other hand, the features EA has highlighted in the pre-release, such as collision and deflection physics appear and feel the same as last year. While the weight of the players has grown for the better but players are still crashing into each other , resulting in unrealistic collisions, especially with the tendency to keep that fingers glued to that sprinting button.

A lot of the new deflections that are triggered by an extended foot or leg can only be observed on replay, and from the the replays I've seen these shots, especially those of the power variety can cause painful injuries. Deflections and 50-50s are still favored by the AI particularly as you become accustomed with the latest body models and what they mean regarding acceleration.

HyperMotion, realistic physics and HyperMotion just do not work. There's too much sliding and unnatural motions that take away from what should be realistic outcomes. Sliders like OS Community Sliders aid in slowing the game and make it more realistic cheap FIFA 23 Coins, however they're only able to do what they can in terms of the physics.